Yarn Sales

Sorry, we are no longer selling yarn at this time. We are launching a brand new knitting site are are focused on that for now. On the positive side, all our existing Sports Fan patterns are now free!

If you are an existing customer with a project to finish, we have some Karabella Aurora 8 yarn left in stock (we need it for all the new patterns we are designing!). We would be more than happy to try to help you. Please send us a note at our new email: help@knittingnuances.com.

Help Picking Yarn Colors

We get a lot of notes from customers asking for help picking out the right color yarn for a team or, most often, for a college. Here are some tips that will help:

  • There are two sources for school colors: the school itself and the major sports team merchandising sites.
  • While there are many school colors, there are only about two dozen sports team colors. The options in sweatshirts and jerseys falls within these limited colors. That's why we could stock only 25 yarn colors and still have all the teams covered. In other words, try to match the existing athletic gear.
  • Google the school's big sports teams, i.e., "University of Colorado Buffalo merchandise" and you'll have a selection of sites to look through. Don't forget the school's own store, that's what the students are wearing on campus.